Control your MIDI devices with audio!

MIDIFIER is the first real-time audio-to-MIDI plugin. It converts monophonic audio tracks to MIDI. Faithfully extracts the pitch and envelope of the audio data and generates MIDI notes on-the-fly.

Update: Version 1.1 is compatible with any PC audio editor or sequencer that supports DirectX or VST plugins!

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11/07 - Midifier MacOSX porting started
We started to port the Midifier to MacOSX/VST. Expected release time: 12/10.
06/27 - Midifier 1.1 relased!
Now you can use Midifier with any DirectX or VST enabled PC audio editor or sequencer, thanks to the new Record-To-File feature. Also, there's a simple built-in synth so you can audition the result in real time even if your host program doesn't support receiving MIDI from audio plugins.
06/17 - Mac version of Midifier
We'll release a Mac port of Midifier around August-September. Most probably it'll be an Audio Unit for OSX.

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